Left Over Eggs?

Easter was today, and whether not you celebrate Easter  I hope you celebrate stuffed eggs, or what we call them in the South, Deiled eggs. Maybe the reason they are that is because they are too good and not the healthiest option for the use of eggs... but none the...

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Easy Peasy Sides

So, your cooking dinner and you have your entree figured out, but you just can't figure out what side item(s). Grabbing your favorite seasoning blend (cough, cough) is an easy way to make a boring side item great! You can have fun and get creative and blend blends,...

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Brisket Time

Last week I didn't post this recipe, but I did make it and eat it! Brisket is one of my wife's favorite meals. I had never attempted to smoke a brisket before, but after we had it at lunch a couple of weeks ago I decided I would try my hand at it. The only hard part...

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No Time?

No time to smoke ribs for hours? No time to let wings marinate? No time to track down all 7 ingredients for the 7 Layer Dip? Here's a recipe that is sure to disappear and only has three ingredients and takes less than 7 minutes to make.   Pates-a-cado Dip -...

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Don’t over think this…

don’t over think this…

Here an easy recipe for another commonly found at a Super Bowl food. And with the addition of Pates Family Seasonings they will not only score a touchdown, but get the extra point too! (Sorry for the puns, i can’t help it)

Pigs in a blanket

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Wing Time!

What would a Super Bowl gathering be with out wings!?! I mean I have even been to Super Bowl get togethers where there nothing but wings and drinks. They are as essential as Rotel is to any Pates Family gathering.

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Greek Salad – Pates Style

For those of you out there still holding fast to your New Year’s health goals, first off, good for you! and Secondly, this recipe will help stick to it through the mountain of wings and rivers of Rotel at your neighborhood Super Bowl gathering. It’s a take on the classic Greek salad. We omitted the lettuce and basil. The result is a fresh, light, filling salad that can hang with any Super Bowl fare.

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Super Bowl Snacks

And it happens to coincide with the Super Bowl. Now, there are many things that I (Jeff) like about the Super Bowl, but they have nothing to do with football (here, I surrender my man card) and everything to do with what surrounds the game. I love any reason to get together with friends, I always enjoy seeing the half time performance even if I don’t care for who the performer(s) are, and of course the commercials. And as you may have guessed where this was headed my absolute favorite thing about the Super Bowl is, as I call it, Super Bowl food. Wings, ribs, sausage and cheese plates, Lil’ Smokies, dips, Rotel… Yes, Rotel is its own category…

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