This recipe uses an old Southern staple, the Black Eyed Pea. It’s nutrient dense with good-for-you stuff like fiber, iron, and protein. My wife Abbye asks me to make this dish at least once a week. Well, okay, not that often, but seriously, pretty often. And before she married a Pates she didn’t even eat Peas. So, here is the Pates Family way to make Black Eyed Peas.


-16oz bag of Black Eyed Peas

-Pates Family Seasoning Dirty South

-32 oz of chicken stock

-4-6 pieces of bacon (also yummy to omit this if you are a vegetarian or just want to)

-You will also need a pot big enough to hold the peas and the chicken stock


(The Day Before)

-Cover the peas in water and soak overnight.

(Next Day)

-Discard water and rinse peas with fresh water and strain.

-Cover Peas completely with chicken stock.

-Add Dirty South to your liking (at least 3 tablespoons)

-Add bacon

-Bring to a boil

-Then reduce to a simmer and cover with a lid to liquid has reduced and peas are soft. (about 45 min)