What others are saying about Pates Family Seasoning…

We could go all day long talking up what great seasoning we have, but the best references are those who have tried it and loved it. Below are just some comments we’ve received.

“It’s great in burgers and anything pork!”
Nathan from Millington, TN

“I have it on scrambled eggs every morning!”
Frank from Murphy, NC

“This stuff rocks! We have traveled and tasted extensively, and Pates Family Seasoning is quite a treat. We love it on a Philly Cheesesteak and even Scrapple. PFS is PDG (Pretty Darn Good)!”
Tim from Broomall, PA

“This stuff beats your everyday “salt and pepper” when it comes to eggs, and tastes amazing on sausage. I’m not sure there’s a food out there this wouldn’t go good with!”
Jason from Biloxi, MS

“I love it on eggs, roasted sweet potatoes and veggies!”
Abbye (part of the “fam”) from Memphis, TN

“I put it on bacon. YUM!”
Andrew from Memphis, TN

“It’s wonderful on pork chops, pasta and steamed broccoli!”
David from Picayune, MS

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